Healthy Cholesterol Formula "Lypro-C"

An Ultimate Solution to Reduce Cholesterol, Lipoprotein(a), Clear Heart Blockages & Cardiac Wellness

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Welcome to the official Lypro-C website. Most likely you are reading this because you are  interested in improving heart health by controlling your cholesterol levels and other lipid levels like triglycerides, lipoprotein(a), heart blockages, blood pressure and increasing your immunity to fight diseases.

You can achieve your goals………….

Additionally, you want a very effective and proven method, that’s easy and safe to use…And produces 100% positive results in just a FEW months.

It works because all the ingredients are natural and necessary for our body to work optimally.

The great news is that Lypro-C is a proven nutritional therapy formula that addresses the root cause of the problem and makes your heart healthy.

“LYPRO-C” is the only formula that addresses the root cause of high cholesterol – heart blockage removal and heart ailments.

Benefits of using Lypro-c





When Natural Nutrients work wonders, why not use them to lower your cholesterol & have a healthy heart?

Features of Lypro-c

  • 100% Natural Ingredients containing vitamins, minerals & amino acids;
  • Based on Root Cause of heart disease;
  • Manufactured in India under fssai licence;
  • Clinically proven to work;
  • Formulated as easy to use, sachets containing 3gm active ingredients;
  • Gluten FREE, Vegetarian and Non-GMO;;
  • Very safe to use;
  • Guaranteed to work in just a months of taking lypro-c.

Traditional Method

Nutritional Approach

Inhibits synthesis of cholesterol. Best example is statins. Statins inhibit HMG CoA enzyme

Vitamin C is a natural HMG CoA inhibitor. Policosanol also inhibits cholesterol synthesis indirectly.

Other cholesterol lowering agents act by removing excess cholesterol from the body via intestine.


Statins and other phyto sterols are used with the hope of lowering cholesterol and reducing the rate of atherosclerosis.As soon as you stop taking these drugs you will agin suffer from high cholesterol problem which ultimately leads to heart disease like coronary heart disease, stroke or peripherial artery disease.

Statins and phyto sterols do not reduce lipoprotein(a).Lp(a) Cholesterol is the major risk factor of heart disease.

Lypro-C reduces elevated Lipoprotein(a) a levels from the blood. Lypro-C binds with Lp(a) cholesterol floating in the blood and sends it to liver for detoxification

Statins and phyto sterols do not remove Lp(a) attached to arteries as arterial plaque.

Lypro-C removes lpoprotein(a) attached to arteries in the form of plaque.

Statins and phyto sterols do not promote collagen synthesis. Hence they cannot repair the damaged arteries and make them strong.

Lypro-C promotes collagen synthesis. The damaged arteries are repaired and strengthened.

Lowering lipoprotein(a), unclogging the arteries and strengthening the arteries is a way to maintain healthy cholesterol and healthy heart.

Most importantly your body immunity will be boosted.

How lypro-c Works

Cholesterol Control Formula -Lypro-C  supplies Key Nutrients to the body to heal itself from within, resulting in healthy lipid levels – clean arteries -healthy heart.

It is a MULTIPLE ACTION Formula which i) takes care of your normal lipid levels as well as the newly discovered blood constituents like lipoprotein(a), C-reactive protein and homocysteine; ii) reverses the process of atherosclerosis (clear clogged arteries) and iii) supports cardiovascular health. When the blockages are removed blood pressure becomes normal, oxygen supply to the heart increases and you start feeling better. Your risk of heart disease is reduced.

The synergistic combination of key ingredients performs multiple actions like removing lp(a) cholesterol, calcium, ldl cholesterol and other debris from clogged arteries, promoting collagen synthesis and making the blood vessels strong and healthy. As the removal heart blockage increases the blood pressure slowly returns to normal level; the HDL levels start increasing, lp(a) and LDL cholesterol levels reduce and ultimately the lipid levels return to normal level.

Lypro-c Ingredients

100% Natural ; No any side effects & safe to use ingredients are used in our healthy cholesterol formulation: l-lysine, l-proline, l-arginine, vitamin-c, riboflavin, magnesium & policosanol.

The synergistic effect of these ingredients give you positive results.

Lypro-c Dosage

Take 1 sachet 2 times a day, before or after food. Pour the contents of 1 sachet in about 100 ml water or fruit juice, stirr to dissolve and drink.

Can i take more: Yes, you will get faster relief.

How long to take: Till your lipid levels become normal. Minimum 6 months is recommended.

Important Note:

It takes more than 30 years for the arteries to clogg before you start feeling the symptoms of heart disease.

Very Important Note: The atherosclerotic process (clogging of arteries) starts at an early age. Moreover high cholesterol problem has no symptoms. It takes more than 30 years for the blockages to reach a level of .70% clogging. At this stage you start feeling the symptoms of heart disease like fatigue, tiredness, angina pain and high blood pressure. So you need to give sufficient time for the arteries to get cleaned. The time required differs from person to person depending on how much damage has been caused to your body. It may even take a year to clean your arteries completely.If you modify your lifestyle like exercising, eating more of fruits and vegetables (Recommended by World Health Organization) avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, then improvement will be faster.

Taking a maintenance dose of 1 sachet everyday is advisable as a preventive measure. This is optional and depends on your choice.

Lypro-c is suitable for both men and women of any age.

If you are young and wish to prevent cardiovascular problems, prevent arteries getting blocked and regularly maintain healthy lipid levels, then lypro-c is the product for you. Instead of taking sugary coke you can use lypro-c and enjoy healthy life, without any fear of having a heart attack or stroke.

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