How to Reduce Cholesterol, lp(a), Blockages and Reduce Risk of Heart Disease-Nutritional Approach

How to Reduce Cholesterol, lp(a), Blockages and Reduce Risk of CVD- Nutritional Approach

Reduce cholesterol- Lipoprotein(a)- Triglycerides-Blood Pressure -Remove Plaque from Arteries -Reduce Risk of Heart Disease


Best way to reduce cholesterol, lp(a), triglycerides, blood pressure, blockages and the risk CVD is to use nutritional therapy. Normalizing cholesterol levels is now made easy with nutritional therapy because the underlying cause of high cholesterol is understood well. It is affordable as separate pills are not required to reduce cholesterol, lipoprotein(a) & blood pressure. Moreover, heart blockages are also removed without surgery. Perfect method to control cholesterol and cardio care.

What are the popular treatments in use today to:

Reduce Cholesterol:

LDL CholesterolDrugs : Statins to inhibit cholesterol synthesis, aspirin to keep blood thin and blood pressure pills;

Herbal Supplements:Garlic capsules, Guggul, Psyllium husk, Beta Sterol, Stanols and so on.

Home Remedies: Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar, apple cider vinegar with honey and ginger and so on.

All these cholesterol lowering supplements cannot completely normalize cholesterol levels. They cannot lower the main risk factor -lipoprotein(a). Why? Because they do not target the underlying cause of heart disease. They just try to remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Reduce Lipoprotein (a)

lipoprotein (a)• The products mentioned above do not reduce elevated lp(a) cholesterol.
• Only niacin is used to lower lp(a).
• Niacin lowers only lp(a) floating in the blood. It cannot remove the lp(a) molecules attached to the arteries.

Dissolve Clogged arteries and Reduce Heart Disease Risk

clogged arteries• None of the above methods remove lipoprotein(a) attached to arteries.
• They at the most reduce the rate of atherosclerosis.
• If the deposition increases and shows symptoms of heart disease, then angioplasty or bypass surgery is carried out to reduce the risk of heart disease.


These should be the Criteria Required for Good Cholesterol Lowering Cum Cardio Care Supplement:

We have seen earlier that deficiency of nutrients leads to weakening of arteries. This in turn triggers the liver to make excess LDL cholesterol and use it to make Lipoprotein(a).

Lp(a) then acts as a repair molecule and forms a patch on the cracks formed in the blood vessels.

This leads to atherosclerosis.

As the plaque increases in size cardiovascular problems start.

So, the natural cholesterol lowering supplement should have the ability to:

• Reduce lipoprotein(a) levels floating in the blood;
• Remove Lipoprotein(a) attached to the walls of the arteries. i.e remove plaque from arteries;
• Repair the damaged arteries by promoting collagen synthesis.

So, the ideal lipid controlling formulation should have the ability to perform the above functions in the body.

It should lower LDL cholesterol, increase HDL, lower lipoprotein(a), lower blood pressure, clean clogged arteries, strengthen the arteries by promoting collagen synthesis and reverse atherosclerosis.

Statins and other herbal ingredients claimed to reduce cholesterol do not have the ability to lower lp(a) cholesterol, nor the ability to clean clogged arteries completely. They may at the most, slow down the process of atherosclerosis but never reverse it.

Lipoprotein(a) is one of the emerging risk factors of heart disease. The other two important emerging risk factors are C-Reactive protein & Homocysteine

There are several scientific publications showing that lipoprotein(a) is an important direct & independent risk factor of heart disease.
Some studies are also conducted in India to check whether elevated lipoprotein(a) levels are present in patients suffering from heart ailments.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is globally considered as the leading cause of death with 80% of CVD related deaths being reported from low and middle income countries like India. The relatively early onset age of CVD in India in comparison to Western countries also implies that most productive ages of the patient’s life are lost fighting the disease.

Nutritional Supplement, Healthy Cholesterol Formula- Lypro-C

1. While formulating the healthy cholesterol formula we have carefully chosen the ingredients which are able to perform the above functions such as lowering cholesterol, lp(a), blood pressure, clear clogged arteries and reduce the risk of heart disease.
2. These ingredients are a blend of vitamins, minerals and proteins. These nutrients work synergistically to perform several functions in the body.
3. The ingredient blend consists of vitamin-c, riboflavin, l-lysine, l-proline, l-arginine, Mg and policosanol.

All these ingredients are necessary to support the body to repair  and correct the lipid metabolism. These ingredients support the liver to make healthy cholesterol levels after completing the repair process.

How Lypro-C Works in Controlling Cholesterol & Reversing Atherosclerosis?:

Box containing lypro-c sachets for lowering cholesterol
Lypro-c performs a multitude of functions in the body. Some ingredients work synergistically to perform the biochemical reactions in the body. Lack of some ingredient will not work even if other ingredients are present. This is because biochemical reactions are highly specific in nature.

Vitamin-C and HMG Coenzyme A Reductase Inhibition:

Statins are powerful inhibitors of HMG Coenzyme A reductase enzyme.

Vitamin C is also a natural HMG Coenzyme A reductase inhibitor and does a function similar to stains. It helps in controlling the amount of cholesterol synthesized by the liver.

Additional advantage of vitamin C is that it also increases levels of HDL cholesterol, whereas statins do not increase HDL. People who are taking statins generally have low HDL levels. This is due to low blood levels of vitamin c in the body.

Lysine and Proline as Inhibitors of Lp(a)

Lysine is a very good inhibitor of lipoprotein(a). So is the case with proline.

Lysine and proline attach to the lp(a) molecules floating in the blood and form a complex which is non sticky in nature. The complex is sent to liver for removal from the body.

The excess apo(a) floating in the body is also complexed by lysine and proline and removed from the body.

This means that Lp(a) cholesterol deposition in  the arteries stops. So the atherosclerotic process comes to a halt. The rate of atherosclerosis will be very low.

Removal of lp(a) attached to blood vessel walls:

When lysine enters the blood stream the lp(a) molecules attached to arteries get detached from arteries and attach to lysine forming a complex. This process is concentration dependent.

Slowly the process of removal of arterial plaque continues. If clogging of arteries is more it will take long time to remove the plaque.

Other so called cholesterol lowering supplements do not have the ability to remove plaque attached to arteries.

Strengthening of arteries:

The arteries are damaged because collagen synthesis was affected due to lack of vitamin C, lysine, proline and other trace minerals.

The ingredients vitamin c, lysine and proline work synergistically to repair the damaged arteries by promoting collagen synthesis.

Vitamin c acts as a co factor and lysine and proline provide the building blocks of collagen.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Arginine and magnesium are very important ingredients for blood pressure regulation. They help in in relaxing the blood vessel walls.

The blood pressure slowly returns to normal as the amount of plaque decrease. When the cleaning of arteries is completed, the blood pressure returns to normal.

The heart gets ample amount of oxygen and nutrients.

The symptoms of high cholesterol like angina pain, fatigue slowly disappear.

Normal Lipid Levels

As the repair process continues slowly the health starts improving.
The cholesterol levels, blood pressure and other lipid levels start returning to normal.
After the repair process is complete there is no need to make lipoprotein(a) by the liver.

Time Required for Cholesterol Control.

This is not like ………..take a pill today and the next day you feel better. Do not expect results like that. It has taken you more than 30 to 40 years for the plaque to build up.

The time for reversal varies from person to person and how much damage has happened to the body.
Give sufficient time for recovery. At least 3 to 6 moths is required for better recovery.


“How to Reduce Cholesterol, lp(a), Blockages and Reduce Risk of CVD- Nutritional Approach”. Cholesterol control nutritionally takes care of the underlying cause of high cholesterol and the results are very satisfactory.

Nutritional Supplement, Healthy Cholesterol Formula- Lypro-C








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